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Central Office School Site Back office software for K-12 school food service from MiChoice is Coms-Pro Central Office Management software. Coms-Pro is the focal point used to facilitate the information flow throughout MiChoice Technology school food service meal accountability systems. As an all-inclusive product, it serves the district child nutrition department by providing a common data source for centralized free and reduced application processing, district child nutrition meal accountability and government reporting. This back office interactive software allows for bi-directional "Real Time" transfer of data between the child nutrition central office programs, COMS-PRO and MiChoice FAR-APPS Free and Reduced Application Processing and each cafeteria Point-of Sale System over the school district's wide-area network. COMS-PRO can effectively store, manage and distribute the information in "Real Time" and becomes the central point for creating, finding and sharing the information, as you need it.

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