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MiChoice Technology Technical Information

Operating System
All MiChoice Technology software modules operate under Windows 2000/XP Pro/Vista.

Compliance Statement

  • All MiChoice Technology software modules are Y2K compliant.
  • MiChoice Technologies applicable data elements in our software modules are formatted to be SIF compliant.

Software Programs

  • Programmed with Microsoft’s Visual Basic Version 6 and Visual Studio.Net.
  • Uses Microsoft’s Access or SQL Server 2000 or 2005 databases. * Note: SQL Server requires a host Server running a server operating system.
  • Utilizes Crystal Decisions Crystal Reports.

Exporting Data
The export command within all MiChoice Technology software modules allows you to automatically export your report data in a host of standard data interchange formats, such as; Excel, Access, Word, Lotus, Crystal Reports, ODBC, CSV, PDF, DIF, HTML, Text, RTF. In addition to selecting the export format you can select the export destination as well. Example: Application, Disk file, Exchange folder, Lotus Domino, Microsoft mail.

Importing Data
All MiChoice Technology software modules allow for importing data from external sources in a fixed length file format. The file format varies from module to module and a detailed format will be furnished for each software product upon request.

Creating Custom Reports
All MiChoice Technology software modules utilize Crystal Decisions Crystal Reports, the industry leader in software for designing custom reports. This allows the experienced user to design their own templates and present the data in various formats. While reporting is made easy for the novice using MiChoice Technology standard reports, the expert in using Crystal Reports will immediately appreciate the sophistication of the work the software does for you.

All MiChoice Technology software modules can communicate by;

  • Wide-Area Network
  • Telephone Modem
  • Diskette/CD-RW Rom Transfer

MiChoice Technology eMeal Master/Satellite Touch Screen Point-of Sale Software requires a LAN in the cafeteria to operate. It is imperative that the LAN be an individual, unique, logical, separate network. If the cafeteria LAN is to communicate with the Wide-Area network it needs to be through a router or bridge keeping the cafeteria network isolated. The router or bridge forms the boundary between the wide-area network and the cafeteria network. It makes a logical connection between separate networks operating under the same transport protocol such as TCP/IP or SNA.

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