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We know that training administration is a complex job and requires a dedicated commitment on behalf of everyone involved in the project. MiChoice Technology Systems is a comprehensive school accountability system that requires proper user training. The investment made in this type of system is considerable and training time should not be compromised, as you will be using the system for years to come. Training is similar to an insurance policy guaranteeing the success of the project, and we consider it as one of the most important aspects of implementing the system. The initial costs associated with the training when amortized over the life cycle of the system almost become insignificant. Backed by our years of experience we offer:

  • Train the Trainer - We have found that the "Train the Trainer" method is the most cost efficient way to convey the knowledge, skills, solutions and appropriate technology to our clients to achieve the highest level of success. The "Train the Trainer "program is designed to effectively teach the designated coordinators and the technology assistant to apply the principles, methods, and techniques of operations to other employees.
  • Individual School On-Site Training - MiChoice Technology offers this type of program for school districts requiring individual training school by school. Although this form of training takes longer to accomplish and is more expensive, we realize that occasionally it is the only viable option, because of availability of qualified personnel to implement Option 1. To ensure the success of the training participants, we utilize the same proven methods, and procedures for our successful "Train the Trainer" program, except it's on an individual school basis.
  • Training at Corporate Headquarters - Upon request, MiChoice Technology can schedule in-depth training at our corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas. This type of training is governed by the scope of the project and to facilitate the learning process, is structured in the same mode as our "Train the Trainer" program.
  • Internet Training - Internet-based training is the newest addition to our training and implementation options. Using the internet, a MiChoice Technology trainer can conduct an interactive software training session on your computer in the comfort of your own office.

Our programs provide comprehensive on-line help as well as printed documentation to assist the users. But that's not all . . . We have Computer Based Training courses that are self-paced, simple to use, utilizing multimedia clips and pop quizzes to ensure the success of the students.

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